Travel phone plans that travel with you.

Choose an international travel cell phone plan that goes where you do. Stay connected in more than 200 countries with our International Travel Plans.

International Daily Travel Passes

Want flexibilty and a great deal? Buy a day pass in advance or buy it online from most destinations. Your pass stays in your account and can be used on a return trip to the same location.

Destination Data
Canada 100MB 20 20 Min
Mexico 100MB 20 20 Min
100MB 20 20 Min
Zone 2 100MB 20 20 Min

Things We Want You To Know.

International Travel Monthly Plans

1GB of data, 250 Texts, 250 Voice (Minutes)
350MB of data, 50 Texts, 50 Voice (Minutes)
250MB of data, 25 Texts, 25 Voice (Minutes)
100MB of data, 100 Texts, 100 Voice (Minutes)
100MB of data, 40 Texts, 40 Voice (Minutes)

For a full list of eligible countries call Customer Service: 1-800-455-8058

With Global Travel rates starting as low as 20¢/min. it's easy and affordable to keep in touch wherever you go.

For a full list of eligible countries call Customer Service: 1-800-455-8058

Global Cruise Ship Travel

For more information, including participating cruise lines, call Customer Service:

Voice-Only Global Options

If you don't have a device that’s compatible with our Global Travel Plans, or just want voice, this option could be right for you.
Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands
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How to Get Started

  1. Step 1
    Check that your device is compatible with global travel by calling 800-455-8058
  2. Step 2
    Add your chosen package to your plan.
  3. Step 3
    Travel to your destination.
  4. Step 4
    Change your phone’s network settings to Global or GSM to find available networks upon arrival.

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