Estimating Your Data Usage.

Use your usage habits to help choose the best usage plan.

An easy way to decide which usage plan is best for you is to look at which apps you use the most. Below are the apps that drain data most quickly. Just compare your use per hour on an average day to figure out how much you’re using monthly.

  1. Step Using Social Media on U.S. Cellular Device
    Social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat
    1 hour per day on social media: 90MB
  2. Step Streaming Music on U.S. Cellular Device
    Music apps like Spotify and Pandora
    1 hour per day streaming music: 43MB
  3. Step Streaming on U.S. Cellular Device
    Video streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube
    1 hour per day streaming video 600 MB-1.2GB.
    If you regularly stream videos, 2GB will be too low for you.
  4. Step Gaming on U.S. Cellular Device
    1 hour per day of connected gaming: 40-300MB If you regularly play games, 2GB will be too low for you.

Check Your Data Usage On Your Phone

You can also check your current month's usage on your phone: go to Settings > Connections > Data Usage. The screen shows your billing period and the amount of cellular data you've used so far.

Data Legend

These examples provide a guideline to the amount of data used per service.

  • 1 email (sent or received), text only = 35KB
  • 1 email (sent or received) with attachments = 350KB
  • 1 minute of connected game play = 1MB
  • 1 social media post = 250KB
  • 1 standard webpage = 180KB
  • 1 app, game or song download = 4MB
  • 1 minute of streaming music = 1MB
  • 1 minute of streaming video (SD) = 4.5MB
  • 1 minute of streaming video (HD) = 16.5MB

Data Conversion

  • 1MB = 1,024KB
  • 1GB = 1,024MB

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