Things we want you to know

Prices listed are per line/month for all lines after Auto Pay/Paperless Billing discount.

Auto Pay/Paperless Billing: Discount requires My Account, paperless billing and payment via bank account or debit card only. Customer may activate Auto Pay/Paperless Billing discount via My Account on

Data Usage: 50GB of prioritized data is included on the Unlimited Data-Everyday 3.0 plan or as a purchased an Add-on on the Unlimited Data-Basic 3.0 plan. During times of congestion data may be temporarily slowed. Once the Unlimited Data-Everyday 3.0 plan or the Unlimited Data-Basic 3.0 plan Add-on reaches 50GB of usage in a billing cycle, data may be temporarily slowed further in times of congestion. The Unlimited Data-Even Better 3.0 plan includes unlimited prioritized data. During times of congestion data may be temporarily slowed.

Streaming: SD = 480p, HD = 720p, Full HD = 1080p, Ultra-High Definition (UHD) = 4K

Roaming in Mexico & Canada: Unlimited Basic, Unlimited Everyday and Unlimited Even Better plans include unlimited talk, text, and LTE data. A 5G capable device is required to experience.

5G: 5G coverage not available in all areas. See for details.

Call Guardian: We respect your privacy; Call Guardian does not collect your contacts or access your call logs. Customers who prefer to opt-out of call-blocking service can call 888-944-9400 or visit their local UScellular store. Taxes, fees, and terms apply. You may cancel anytime through the Call Guardian app.

Fees: See for details.

For more information about plans, see for additional details including obligations to serve Kansas customers. ©2023 UScellular